5 Photo Spots with Angel-Style in Malang Raya

5 Photo Spots with Angel-Style in Malang Raya

1. Coban Bidadari

Fresh air and swift flow from Coban Bidadari. You can also take a selfie in spots that are made as similar as possible to an angel’s/bird’s wings, some are similar to a bird’s nest spot. Not only that but you can also relax in a hut on the edge of a hilltop.

2. Banyak Mountain Paragliding

Besides being able to play paragliding, there is also an angel wings spot that you can use to take pictures. Also with a charming background of the city of Batu, your photos are guaranteed to be cool.

3. Coban Parang Tejo

The sensation of layered waterfall views and the softness of the flow is provided here. An angel-style photo spot is also here, with colorful wings. Natural green scenery lies behind it.

4. Kebun Teh Wonosari

This tea garden with cool air also offers an angel-style spot. If you take a photo here, it will be as if you are an angel who has beautiful wings. Plus the expanse of beautiful and instagenic tea gardens.

5. Coban Kethak

The location is on the side of the road, so it’s easy to access. Some call it CobanSingoEdan, because it depicts a handsome lion. This exotic Coban also offers a spot like an angel.

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