4 Charming Lakes Near Semeru

4 Charming Lakes Near Semeru

Ranu Kumbolo

Ranukumbolo Lake is located at an altitude of 2390 meters above sea level which is the highest freshwater pool in East Java. This place is one of the starting points for climbing Mount Semeru.


Ranu Pane

A green lake with an area of 1 hectare which has a very attractive beauty compared to other lakes. It is Located at an altitude of about 2,100 meters above sea level.


Ranu Regulo

Ranu Regulo lake tourism is near Ranu Pane, there is a small pier and also land on the edge of the lake which is wide enough for camping. The lake is also exquisite.

Ranu Darungan

Ranu Darungan Lake has its own uniqueness compared to other lakes, which is that it can dry out and watery, and this lake is also a habitat for wild animals.

Baca Juga

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