Coban Jahe Malang Jawa Timur

Coban Jahe Malang Jawa Timur

Coban Jahe Malang, East Java

Coban Jahe is a waterfall located in Pandansari Lor village, Kecamatan Tumpang, Kabupaten Malang. Judging from the name Coban Jahe, it does not mean that this waterfall is filled with lots of Ginger (herbal plants) but it is called Coban Jahe because it has its own historical value. It is named Coban Jahe because according to the story it begins with the story of the fall of soldiers fighting for independence around the location. The term fall in Javanese called pejah or pejahe. From the word pejah, finally became the name of the waterfall. And until now it is known as the Coban Jahe waterfall. If we go there, about half a kilometer before the location of the waterfall, there will be the grave of the Heroes of Kali Jahe, as the place for the warriors at that time to reside. Panorama of Coban Jahe is still very natural. There is almost no supporting facilities for the convenience of visitors. The entrance fee is free. Looking closely at Coban Jahe waterfall, it looks beautiful with its naturalness. Around the waterfall surrounded by towering solid walls. Trees and bush grow thick. The waterfall itself is estimated to have a height of about 40 meters, with a fairly swift water discharge. This waterfall is one of the pleasant tourist attractions in Malang with strong flow and a small river underneath.

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