Coban Pelangi

Coban Pelangi

Coban Pelangi Malang Tour, East Java

Coban Pelangi Malang, East Java. One more waterfall tour in Malang that must be explored, “Coban Pelangi Waterfall”. Coban Pelangi Waterfall Tour is located in the village of Gubuk Klakah, Kecamatan Poncokusumo, Kabupaten Malang, East Java. This coban is indeed quite popular for climbers, usually they visit this place before continuing the trip to Mount Semeru while to get rid of curiosity about the beauty of this waterfall which has a rainbow color. From Malang city the distance is about 30 km and can be reached in 1 hour by motorcycle. After entering the Gubuk Klakah Village, you must be extra careful since the road you will be going through will be more uphill with the road that is not too wide. However, the cool air and enchanting natural scenery can refresh your mind and unwind your trip. Only with Rp. 8,000, – per person, you can enjoy the beauty of this coban. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Coban Pelangi, you have to walk from the parking lot for about 1 km by passing a steep descending path. During the trip, you have to be extra careful because of the mossy rocks that make the road slippery. On the way, we will also meet a bridge of love. It is called the bridge of love because of the many young couples holding hands while crossing the bridge. The bridge of love is usually used as a favorite photo spot for visitors. If you are lucky you can see the beauty of the rainbow in this coban. You can enjoy the beauty of the rainbow when the sunlight bursts in between the splashes of the waterfall. The correct time is usually around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., when the weather is clear. This waterfall produce a variety of rainbow colors. This is what makes this waterfall called Coban Pelangi. The facilities at this spot are quite complete. Visitors can find toilets, prayer rooms, lodging, campsites, parking lots, food stalls, rest areas and information centers. Are you interested in visiting this Coban? Don’t forget to always keep the the place clean.

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