Kedung Jembar

Kedung Jembar

Kedung Jembar Malang, East Java

Kedung Jembar is not only serves beautiful beaches, tempting culinary delights, but also offers the charm of a waterfall that is wonderful. One of them is Kedung Jembar waterfall, which is located in Sumber Roto Village, Kecamatan Donomulyo, Kabupaten Malang. To reach this waterfall, visitors must walk approximately 2 km from the parking lot. Tiredness when pass winding and hilly roads paid off with the natural beauty of this paradise hidden from the earth of Donomulyo. To enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, visitors are free of charge. This waterfall has a large area and has the shape of a terraced waterfall, this place is known as the Green Canyon in the style of Arema. The grooves of the river form a lot of natural pools so that they can be a place to rest while playing water. How is it? Interested in enjoying the uniqueness of this waterfall? Immediately schedule a vacation with your friends here, but when visiting this waterfall, make sure you check to the weather, because sometimes the rainfall is high, there is a flood that passes through this place. Wherever you travel, don’t forget to always keep clean, so that the beauty and charm of the places you visit are maintained.

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