7 Coban (waterfalls) Liked by Young People

7 Coban (waterfalls) Liked by Young People

1. Coban Putri

More famous for its contemporary viewing post. Coban Putri itself is also neat and become a target, the flow is quite swift. This Tosca colored waterfall shaped like terrace waterfall.

2. Coban Jodo

Coban Jodo is in pairs, there is a coban that flows from a height of about 50 m with a water discharge that is not large. One has a height of about 30 m. Captivating hillside panorama. The cool air and shady trees makes it complete.

3. Coban Jidor

Coban Jidor is still very beautiful and has not been visited much. Experience when you visit this beautiful coban. You will pass through forests and rivers that flow downstream.

4. Coban Srengenge

The amazing natural charm presents three waterfall in one place. We can see a rainbow that is absolutely clear. The water is swift and feels cool. The view is amazing, isn’t it.

5. Coban Ciblungan

Consists of several streams of waterfalls in one estuary location. Ciblungan main waterfall comes from the river that placed exactly above it. Meanwhile, another waterfall which is lower, spring from a water source around the location.

6. Coban Kedung Darmo

The access to reach this waterfall is quite difficult. However, your tiredness will be accompanied by a beautiful and natural green view. Another uniqueness that is owned is the tosca colored water. Exquisite.

7. Coban Jahe

There are large rocks on the cliff and a small pool below. Still in the Perhutani Unit II area of RPH Sukopuro-Jabung. The atmosphere is pleasant because it is surrounded by beautiful nature and a large overdraft.

7 coban liked by young people

1. coban putri : Oro-Oro Ombo, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu
2. coban jodo : Bendolawang, Ngadirejo, Jabung
3. coban jidor : Ngadirejo, Jabung
4. coban srengenge : Tirtomarto, Ampelgading
5. coban ciblungan : Jalan Raya Dampit – Lumajang, Purwoharjo, Ampelgading
6. coban kedung darmo : Wonorejo, Bantur
7. coban jahe : Taji, Jabung

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