5 Pine Forest in Malang

5 Pine Forest in Malang

Semeru Pine Forest

Semeru pine forest has an area of about 1 hectare. There are lots of photo spots which photogenic such as, hammocks, umbrellas decoration, etc.


Coban Talun Pine Forest

Besides being known for having lots of really good photo spots, Coban Talun also has pine forest, which is cannot be missed.


Sumberawan Temple Pine Forest

Who says historical tourism is boring? It will not be boring if you take an historical tour to Sumberawan temple. Since there are many photo spots and really beautiful pine forests.


Budug Asu Pine Forest

For those of you who are adventurous, you can visit BudugAsu on hillside of Mount Arjuna. When tracking towards BudugAsu you will be presented with a beautiful view, including the pine forest.


Ledok Ombo Pine Forest

Besides presenting beautiful pine forests, LedokOmbo Pine Forest also provides outbound rides. On the corner of the street, there is also a simple hangout place, namely Pinus Cafe Ledok Ombo.

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