4 Best Sunrise Spots on Mount Bromo

4 Best Sunrise Spots on Mount Bromo

1. Pos Dingklik

The location is not so far from the Taman Nasional, only about four minutes of driving.

The location is quite crowded with tourists and traders.


2. Bukit Cinta

This location is quite popular because it says LOVE HILL BROMO as a marker as well as a photo spot.

From here you can see the view of the Kaldera Tengger.


3. Bukit Kingkong

From this hill you can see the same view of Bukit Cinta.

The location is in the form of a field on a high hill bordered by a fence.


4. Puncak Penanjakan

Puncak Penanjakan is the highest peak to see the sun rise towards the Kaldera Tengger,

one of which includes Mount Bromo.

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