3 Paragliding Spots in Malang

3 Paragliding Spots in Malang

Banyak Mountain Paragliding

Simply by spending 300-500 thousand you can do paragliding here. You will be presented with a beautiful view of a row of city buildings and mountains in the area of Batu, Malang.


Modangan Beach Paragliding

Beach which is known as the Hawaii of Malang, you should pay a fee of IDR 350,000.From up, the views that we will see are the white sand carpet, the blue sea, the hills and green scenery will make you feel peacefully.


Tamban Beach Paragliding

Paragliding here is still relatively new, but of course the scenery that is served is no less beautiful and interesting. From above this height, visitors will be presented with the blue ocean of Tamban beach and the green beach.


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