Horse Riding at Megastar Batu Malang, East Java

Horse Riding at Megastar Batu Malang

Megastar Batu, horse riding and instagenic spots on the hillside of Mount Panderman. In Megastar, there are around 50 horses from various types and countries. We can interact with horses and try to ride them for 30 minutes by paying 50 thousands rupiah. Not only that, but there are also photogenic spots! Sunflower Garden! Only here we can take selfie among beautiful yellow flowers against the background of the mountains. Watch the full video on the youtube channel of #amazingmalang , SUBSCRIBE ❤️ . Come here, don’t forget to share and tag your cool photos to @amazingmalang 😍 . Also follow these cool guys! 😍 💃🏼 @putriipradani @permata_cyntia . Terima kasih : @strudelmalang @athenamodelagency @jp_wear @skyvisionmlg . MALANG, Never-ending enjoyment!

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