• 7 Coban (waterfalls) Liked by Young People

    7 Coban (waterfalls) Liked by Young People0

    1. Coban Putri More famous for its contemporary viewing post. Coban Putri itself is also neat and become a target, the flow is quite swift. This Tosca colored waterfall shaped like terrace waterfall. 2. Coban Jodo Coban Jodo is in pairs, there is a coban that flows from a height of about 50 m with

  • 8 Mountains That Can Be Climbed Through the Malang Raya Route

    8 Mountains That Can Be Climbed Through the Malang Raya Route0

    1. Mount Panderman From the Dusun Toyomarto route (the route that is often passed) and the Patak Banten route you can climb the mountain with an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.   2. Mount Butak This mountain with an altitude of 2868 meters above sea level is administratively located in the Kabupaten Malang

  • 8 Hidden Tours in the Ampelgading Area

    8 Hidden Tours in the Ampelgading Area0

    1. Coban Ciblungan This waterfall is actually not too high, but the water surface is really beautiful and makes eyes wide open. Because it is still untouchable, the facilities there are still incomplete. 2. Coban Gintung Unlike Coban Ciblungan, the Coban Gintung location is more instagramable. Not far from the water’s surface, which is beautiful

  • 9 Interesting Place in Pujon

    9 Interesting Place in Pujon0

    1. COBAN RONDO This waterfall is legendary and is liked by many people. This exotic Cobancan be accessed easily, even buses can enterthis place. Moreover, this legendary coban also has a famous photo spot. 2. PUJON KIDUL TOURIST VILLAGE This tourist village offers various activities, such as picking vegetables, outbound, camping, learning to make biogas,

  • 4 Charming Lakes Near Semeru

    4 Charming Lakes Near Semeru0

    Ranu Kumbolo Ranukumbolo Lake is located at an altitude of 2390 meters above sea level which is the highest freshwater pool in East Java. This place is one of the starting points for climbing Mount Semeru.   Ranu Pane A green lake with an area of 1 hectare which has a very attractive beauty compared

  • 5 Pine Forest in Malang

    5 Pine Forest in Malang0

    Semeru Pine Forest Semeru pine forest has an area of about 1 hectare. There are lots of photo spots which photogenic such as, hammocks, umbrellas decoration, etc.   Coban Talun Pine Forest Besides being known for having lots of really good photo spots, Coban Talun also has pine forest, which is cannot be missed.