• Semeru Pine Forest

    Semeru Pine Forest0

    Semeru Pine Forest – Photogenic Exciting Tropical Spot, Kabupaten Malang   Photogenic exciting Tropical Spot! Semeru Pine Forest Located on hillside of Mount Semeru. Semeru Pine Forest offers a different sensation when taking pictures! Thick pine trees and lots of photo spots, such as beautiful umbrellas, hammocks, etc. Make our photos is more and instagenic!

  • Coban Putri Batu Malang Jawa Timur

    Coban Putri Batu Malang Jawa Timur0

    Coban Putri Batu Malang, East Java   Coban Putri, a photogenic spot that is really happening in Malang! It’s true, there are many coban in Batu that offering different charms. Coban Rais with a flower garden, Coban Talun with an Indian village and Coban Putri with its God Hand. Besides being famous for its God

  • Coban Talun

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    Coban Talun Coban Talun Nature tourism in Malang Raya remains a reference especially for tourists visiting East Java. The charm of Malang’s natural tourism offers a tons of natural panoramas in every corner. No exception the panorama of waterfall in the western region of Malang. One of them is Coban Talun waterfall. Coban Talun waterfall