• Sukses di Putaran Pertama, Infinix Kembali Hadirkan MLBB Campus League 2022 di Unikama

    Sukses di Putaran Pertama, Infinix Kembali Hadirkan MLBB Campus League 2022 di Unikama0

    JAKARTA – Brand smartphone yang dekat dengan anak muda, Infinix, kembali mengadakan kompetisi Mobile Legends: Bang Bang untuk para pelajar di Jawa Timur yang dilaksanak hari ini tepat di tanggal 25 November 2022 hingga 27 November 2022. Dimulai dari Babak Penyisihan di 25 November 2022 dan Final pada 27 November 2022. Kali ini, Infinix mengajak

  • Semeru Pine Forest

    Semeru Pine Forest0

    Semeru Pine Forest – Photogenic Exciting Tropical Spot, Kabupaten Malang   Photogenic exciting Tropical Spot! Semeru Pine Forest Located on hillside of Mount Semeru. Semeru Pine Forest offers a different sensation when taking pictures! Thick pine trees and lots of photo spots, such as beautiful umbrellas, hammocks, etc. Make our photos is more and instagenic!

  • Coban Putri Batu Malang Jawa Timur

    Coban Putri Batu Malang Jawa Timur0

    Coban Putri Batu Malang, East Java   Coban Putri, a photogenic spot that is really happening in Malang! It’s true, there are many coban in Batu that offering different charms. Coban Rais with a flower garden, Coban Talun with an Indian village and Coban Putri with its God Hand. Besides being famous for its God

  • Coban Talun

    Coban Talun0

    Coban Talun Coban Talun Nature tourism in Malang Raya remains a reference especially for tourists visiting East Java. The charm of Malang’s natural tourism offers a tons of natural panoramas in every corner. No exception the panorama of waterfall in the western region of Malang. One of them is Coban Talun waterfall. Coban Talun waterfall

  • Coban Jahe Malang Jawa Timur

    Coban Jahe Malang Jawa Timur0

    Coban Jahe Malang, East Java Coban Jahe is a waterfall located in Pandansari Lor village, Kecamatan Tumpang, Kabupaten Malang. Judging from the name Coban Jahe, it does not mean that this waterfall is filled with lots of Ginger (herbal plants) but it is called Coban Jahe because it has its own historical value. It is

  • Coban Rondo

    Coban Rondo0

    Coban Rondo   Coban Rondo Batu Malang Tourism, East Java Coban Rondo Nature Tourism, East Java Located in area of Batu, KecamatanPujon, Batu, Kabupaten Malang, East Java. Coban Rondo is one of Malang’s tourist destinations which is very popular among both domestic and foreign tourists. The 84-meter-high waterfall at an altitude of 1,135 meters above