• Coban Putri Batu Malang Jawa Timur

    Coban Putri Batu Malang Jawa Timur0

    Coban Putri Batu Malang, East Java   Coban Putri, a photogenic spot that is really happening in Malang! It’s true, there are many coban in Batu that offering different charms. Coban Rais with a flower garden, Coban Talun with an Indian village and Coban Putri with its God Hand. Besides being famous for its God

  • Coban Talun

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    Coban Talun Coban Talun Nature tourism in Malang Raya remains a reference especially for tourists visiting East Java. The charm of Malang’s natural tourism offers a tons of natural panoramas in every corner. No exception the panorama of waterfall in the western region of Malang. One of them is Coban Talun waterfall. Coban Talun waterfall

  • Kedung Jembar

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    Kedung Jembar Malang, East Java Kedung Jembar is not only serves beautiful beaches, tempting culinary delights, but also offers the charm of a waterfall that is wonderful. One of them is Kedung Jembar waterfall, which is located in Sumber Roto Village, Kecamatan Donomulyo, Kabupaten Malang. To reach this waterfall, visitors must walk approximately 2 km

  • Coban Baung

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    Coban Baung – A Hidden Paradise Behind the Mystical Nuances of Mount Kawi! So far, the Kawi mountain area has indeed become one of the areas famous for its mystical nuances. However, behind it all there is one coban with a very beautiful charm. That’s right, cobanBaung! CobanBaung is located in Gendogo village, KecamatanNgajum, Kabupaten

  • Selorejo Reservoir Tourism

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    Playing Boat and Enjoying the Mountains in Selorejo Reservoir, Ngantang Kabupaten Malang   SELOREJO RESERVOIR MALANG, PLAYING A BOAT WITH A BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN VIEW   Amazing People, Want to get a complete vacation package while traveling to Malang! See the beautiful scenery of the mountains around Malang, and enjoy the joy of rowing a boat

  • 4 Charming Lakes Near Semeru

    4 Charming Lakes Near Semeru0

    Ranu Kumbolo Ranukumbolo Lake is located at an altitude of 2390 meters above sea level which is the highest freshwater pool in East Java. This place is one of the starting points for climbing Mount Semeru.   Ranu Pane A green lake with an area of 1 hectare which has a very attractive beauty compared